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Steering Wheel – Free Play

It is vital to incorporate steering wheel play into any regular truck inspection. Testing steering wheel play can alert drivers and maintenance personnel to issues before they become a major problem. Part 339 of the FMCSA’s “Minimum Periodic Inspection Standards” defines the maximum amount of steering wheel play allowable for given steering wheel sizes. Steering [...]

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Top 15 Out-of-Service CSA Violations

Of all the maintenance related CSA violations that you could encounter in a roadside inspection, there are some that are more likely to result in an OOS (Out-of-Service) designation than others. Out-of-Service violations carry an extra 2 point penalty that is applied to the Violation Severity Weight of each violation. Understanding what violations are most [...]

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Congrats on T8 Certification

We would like to congratulate Sharp HES crew lead Jake Madewell for successfully completing the ASE - T8 “Preventive Maintenance Inspection” requirements and gaining ASE certification. Promoting and supporting ASE certification is yet another step that Sharp HES is taking to provide clients with the highest level of service in the industry. “The day to day [...]

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Maintaining Fuel Integrity

In a perfect world, there would be no need for fuel filtration. Clean diesel fuel would leave the refinery and remain contaminant free all the way to the engine’s combustion chamber. It would not pick up sediments as it travels through pipelines. It would not be exposed to dust and debris during transfer. Condensation would [...]

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Addressing the Diesel Technician Shortage

If you manage the maintenance of a large fleet, then you’ve likely seen the myriad of statistics out there pointing to an impending personnel shortage. If you are responsible for recruiting, training, and retaining quality technicians, you’ve likely felt it first-hand. There is a “perfect storm” brewing in the transportation industry. Experienced “baby boomer” technicians [...]

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PM Service – In-House vs Outsource

The “In-house” service shop has long been the industry’s choice for fleet preventive maintenance operations. When you combine the old adage “If you want it done right, do it yourself” with seemingly inherent economies of scale, it just makes sense, theoretically. I would challenge maintenance managers to roll up their sleeves and perform a real [...]

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2016 ATA MC&E – Las Vegas

Sharp HES boasted another great showing at this year's ATA Management Conference & Exhibition in Las Vegas. The premier annual conference and exhibition brought industry leaders together from around the country to discuss trucking's most pressing issues. From e-logs and platooning to speed limiters and technician shortages, there were plenty of important topics to cover. [...]

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Fleetcon 2016

Sharp HES had a great time showing off our new, innovative approach to fleet preventive maintenance at Fleetcon this year in Frisco, TX. Thanks to the RMFMA (now FleetPros) for hosting the conference! Lots of tenured speakers, informative sessions, and new friends. Congratulations to Zach Dougan with Pirtek Fluid Transfer Solutions for winning our 65qt [...]

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GATS 2016

Sharp HES had a great showing at the Great American Trucking Show this year. It was exciting to show all the attendees a new and innovative heavy duty PM option. Congratulations to Susan Martin with KS Services for winning our YETI 65 quart cooler! Enjoy Susan!

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Properly Tightening Wheel Fasteners

The proper tightening of wheel fasteners is a topic that has certainly had its fair share of coverage in the last few decades, and for good reason. Although individual wheel separations are not tracked by the NTSB, it is estimated that approximately 1,000 wheel separations occur annually in the United States, often with devastating effects. [...]

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